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Terms and conditions

  1. In the interests of fairness it is not permitted for an exhibitor to sub-let stand space or show time, nor display products from different business areas than that booked, nor will they distribute advertisements from businesses not at the show except with prior written consent from the event organisers.
  2. Exhibitors will adhere to all Health & Safety requirements.
  3. The organisers reserve the right to restrict the display, demonstration or the running of mechanical or other item that the organisers deem to be a danger to any person or of annoyance to other exhibitors.
  4. Unless otherwise advised, the venue will be open to the exhibitors from 9am for the setting up of displays. All exhibitors must be in place and set up by 10.45am. At 10.45am any vacant display area may be reallocated to other exhibitors and will be lost to the booking party with no refund offered. Exhibitors will not dismantle their display prior to 15 minutes before the shows closure without the prior consent of the organisers. Any exhibitors doing this risk not being invited to subsequent shows. The venue will remain open until 5.30pm by which time all exhibitors must have cleared their display area.
  5. Exhibitors will observe that the giving out of leaflets in and around the entrance and no display banners or equipment will be on display other than to the rear of the allocated table space to prevent impairment on other exhibitors for Health & Safety reasons.
  6. Exhibitors will ensure they have sufficient insurance cover for their exhibited goods and people accompanying or working with or for them for the duration of the show. Exhibitors insurance must include public liability of at least £3 million and public indemnity insurance of at least £100,000 including an Indemnity to Principles Clause thereby providing Perfect Brides adequate insurance protection under their policy.
  7. Perfect Brides will not be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of any exhibits, goods or other items brought to the show. Exhibitors are responsible for any Injury to Third Parties or Damage to Third Party Property. Exhibitors will not be liable for any negligent error, act or omission on the part of Perfect Brides.
  8. If the show is cancelled for any reason outside the control of Perfect Brides, Perfect Brides will not be liable for any costs or losses incurred by the exhibitor. Also, 50% of the total fee paid / owed for that particular show by the exhibitor will be taken towards pre-advertising and administrative costs should a cancellation take place. This clause includes but not limited to cancellation due to weather related issues and any decision made to cancel a Show by the organisers of Perfect Brides shall be deemed to be the correct decision (weather related or otherwise).
  9. Exhibitors are required to pay a non-refundable non-transferable deposit of 50% on signing of the agreement to book a display area. If the deposit is not paid within the required time scale, the display area will be offered elsewhere.
  10. The payment balance is due within 28 days of the agreement to book and in any event within 2 months of the show. If the balance is not paid by then, the display area may be offered elsewhere and the deposit will not be refunded.
  11. In the event that any exhibitor wishes to cancel their booking, the following time schedule will apply regarding payment and refunds – If notice is given more than 56 days in advance of the show date fees will be refunded or not chargeable excluding the deposit element which will not be refunded (See 9 above). If notice is given 28 days or less in advance of the show date the total fee will be payable in full.
  12. Cancellations must be in writing and posted via a ‘recorded delivery’ method to the registered office. The effective date to determine the payment schedule in 11 above being when the Cancellation is signed for as received by the organisers. The show date itself does count in the time schedule.
  13. Any bookings made within 28 days of the show date must be paid for in full and will be subject to the conditions outlined in 11 above allowing for a cooling off period of 24 hours from the day booked.
  14. Exhibitors booking within 28 days of the show date accept that there can be no guarantee their details will be included within Perfect Bride’s Show Guide if one is published though every effort will be made to do so.
  15. Notwithstanding any of these rules exhibitors will comply with all relevant regulations or reasonable instructions issued by the police, local authority, or officials of Perfect Brides.


Perfect Brides is committed to all events being as safe and risk free an environment as is reasonably possible for all attendees be they exhibitors, employees, contractors, visitors or members of the public.

In pursuance of this Perfect Brides requires that you and the people who accompany you comply with the following as a condition of booking whilst you are in attendance

The exhibitor will take full responsibility to supply, wear and use any protective equipment (or anything else required or provided) in the interest of Health & Safety in pursuance of any relevant statutory provisions and will ensure any people accompanying or working with or for them do likewise.

The exhibitor will take full responsibility to ensure that all equipment, apparatus and other items brought to or used at the show are safe and without risk to Health & Safety and have been maintained to a standard that will not constitute and offence under any relevant statutory provisions.

The exhibitor will take full responsibility to ensure that they will conform, in all respects, to their legal duties and responsibilities as laid down by the Health & Safety At Work Act of 1974 and any other relevant statutory provisions and will ensure any people accompanying or working with or for them do likewise.

Perfect Brides will retain the right to stop any operation, erection of equipment or the action of any exhibitor or people accompanying or working with or for them if it is considered there is a hazard to the safety of any persons. Perfect Brides will not accept any responsibility for any costs incurred out of such action.

The exhibitor will ensure that –

  • Emergency exits and gangways will be kept clear at all times
  • They and any people accompanying or working with or for them understand the Fire & Emergency procedures and know the location of First Aid posts. Any accident must be reported to a First Aid Post
  • They and any people accompanying or working with or for them are aware of their Health & Safety responsibilities
  • They and any people accompanying or working with or for them are trained to ensure safe working practices are adhered to at all times.
  • Good housekeeping is maintained in all areas, minimising hazards.
  • Any portable power equipment is suitable and only used for the purpose for which it was designed, with safety guards and devices fitted and used. Power leads must be kept to a minimum and not cross gangways. A current test/inspection certificate must accompany all such equipment.
  • That only acceptable substances be brought on site and full compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulation is required.
  • (This is not an exhaustive or prescriptive list)
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their actions and those of any people accompanying or working with or for them as well as for any items brought or used by them so should consider and risk-assess their individual Health and Safety needs and put in place appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all persons at the event. Perfect Brides will not accept liability for any incident arising from negligence by exhibitors.